Changes is membership

CAPES has undergone significant changes regarding membership: 5 new companies joined and 2 members left the cluster.

New cluster members:

Logframe Consulting Office Lpc. (entered: 2 July 2012): Main activity of the company is complex tender writing and project management service. In the cluster, Logframe is responsible for project generation and project management.

GeoEko Ltd. (entered: 25 January 2013): its main profile is geological research and professional consultancy in the field of geology.

Valida Ltd. (entered: 16 August 2013): main activities of the company are in situ radiological survey and investigation, professional planning and field measurements.

AURORA Energy Ltd. (entered: 9 September 2013): its main profile is consultancy in the sectors of energy and petroleum upstream business, project management, technological and financial planning.

Ötvös and Co. Environmental Ltd. (entered: 14 March 2013):  specialized in water resource management, consultancy, hydrogeological planning and education.

Wágner-Pocskai Audit Services Ltd. (entered: 10 September 2013): its activities are comprehensive bookkeeping, payroll accounting;  tax, social security and human resources advisory service.

Waterplan Ltd. and Rotaqua Ltd. quit the cluster.