Cluster members

  • Aurora Energy Ltd.

    Consultancy in the sectors of energy and petroleum upstream business - project management, technological and financial planning, optimization of supply and investment process.


    Preparation and complete management of Hungarian projects: strategic and financial planning, proposal writing, elaboration of projects, conducting public procurement processes.

  • GEOCHEM Geologial and Environmental Research, Consulting and Servicing Ltd.

    The company’s main profile in the field of geology is raw material research, research and development and engineering consultancy.

  • GeoEko Ltd.

    Provides geological researchi and professional consultancy in the field of geology. Plotting field geology.

  • Geomega Kft.

    Geológiai-geofizikai szolgáltató cég, amely minőségi szolgáltatásokat nyújt a sekély mérnökgeofizika valamint a mélyföldtani- és szénhidrogénkutatás területén.

  • Geopard Geotechnical and Geophysical Ltd.

    The company deals with geological research, vibration protection and blasting technical investigations in the field of geophysics.

  • GEO STAT Ltd.

    Engineering services, consultancy, planning for the civil engineering and geotechnical planning, soil mechanics, environmental protection, planning of deep constructions, statical planning

  • GW Technological Consulting Ltd.

    The managing director of the company is the vice-chairman of the Hungarian Geothermal Association.

  • Intercomp Ltd.

    Main profile: desing, development and implementation of enterprise level IT solutions. Achieved significant results in geomathematical solutions: geological database, knowledge base building, integrated reporting system.

  • Karotázs Tudományos, Műszaki és Kereskedelmi Kft.

    The company plays an important role in instrumental well logging since 15 years.

  • KVA Consulting Ltd.

    Preparation of Hungarian conpanies for their representation on the international market, with promotion, funding and strengthening their position.

  • Logframe Ltd.

    Project planning, writing of Hungarian and EU grant proposals, project and project crisis management, project publicity and communications, consulting, strategic planning.

  • Mecsekérc Ltd.

    MECSEKÉRC Ltd. is one of the biggest companies in the field of environmental protection.

  • Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary

    Geological and geophysical research, promotion of sustainable management of mineral and water resources of Hungary, research of the geological aspects of energy resources and study of the processes within the Earth.

  • Ötvös and Co. Environmental Ltd.

    The company’s owner was the director for environmental protection at Mecsekérc Ltd. and he is the president of the cluster also. Since his retirement he continues his professional work at his own business.

  • Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geological and Geochemical Research

    Basic research in the field of petrogenesis, formation of mineral deposits, isotope, organic and environmental geochemistry, protection of national monuments, water base protection and waste storage, complex mineral-petrophysical-geochemical measu

  • RockStudy Ltd.
  • TOMOGEO Ltd.

    The company is one of the founders of rock CT measurements. It works together with the Institute of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology of the Kaposvár University, as the developer of rock CT investigations.

  • University of Miskolc, Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering, Institute of Mineralogy and Geology

    Teaching, research and promotian of mineral resources, geological phenomena and processes.

  • University of Miskolc, Research Institute of applied Earth Sciences

    Fundamental research - exploration, exploitation, underground storage and transport of hydrocarbons; underground storage and transport of solid mineral raw materials.